January 28, 2011

The Riddle of Iron

The Riddle of Iron:

"As Conan slashes his way to revenge, we learn two universal truths via his character arc/journey—a man is in complete control of the weapons he commands and a man’s spirit is far more powerful than any weapons he stands against. That’s why two were able to stand against many in the final battle scene. Conan didn’t need Crom. He only needed his sword, some personal accountability for making his own destiny, and belief in himself. With that realization, he fearlessly jumps into battle and conquers his enemies with a warrior’s fury, despite the seemingly insurmountable odds. This lesson can be applied to all things.

Yes, I have seen that movie a hundred times. And yes, my wife does complain whenever it is on TV and I have to watch it again. Do I understand that others may potentially find it sad or pathetic that I’ve learned important life lessons from fictional characters? Yes. Do I care? Not really.

Whatever can motivate you and help you become a better athlete—or man/woman in general—is valuable regardless of the source. And Red Sonja motivated me for other reasons, but that is another story for another time…"

January 26, 2011

Bench Warmers

We all know that guy who brags about being in the gym for two hours five days a week.  Well maybe he's a Bench Warmer.   You know a person who always talking to buddies about nothing while sitting on a bench in front of the heavy dumbbells.

Well today a bench warmer, in 1970's short and tank top was in my way.  No I didn't yell or do anything  rude,  even though he was being inconsiderate to my workout.   I decided to improvise by doing my dumb bell flies in the same area I was bench pressing.  Carrying my dumbbell (heavy dumbbell) past his conversation letting him know he had not ruined my workout.  45 minute and out, that's it.  And yes he was still on  the bench talking as I was leaving.  I actually felt sorry for the guys he was talking too, maybe they are tired of looking wimpy and one day would like to workout before they get cold...

To all you  Bench Warmers,  There are chairs in the  lobby for social hour.